A Woman Like Me

Documentary 9' , 2017

A deafblind Danish woman travels to Nepal to meet a woman with the same condition in the hopes of communicating and engaging in a cultural exchange. A Woman Like Me is a remarkable demonstration of the delicacy and complexity of human communication, and how susceptible it is to privilege, preconceptions and misunderstandings.


HotDocs Canadian International Documentary Festival

Message to Man Film Festival, St. Petersburg

Encounters Film Festival, Bristol

London Short Film Festival, London

Glasgow Film Festival

Look & Roll, Switzerland

Shortwaves, Poznan

Accessible Film Festival, Istanbul

Nordisk Panorama Market, Malmö
Shnit Worldwide Short Film Festival, Bern, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Moscow, San Jose.
Encounters D/deaf shorts touring programme - theatrical tour across UK cinemas